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High Imino type Resin

MELCROSS 25 can be used as a Cross linking agent for medium solid or water borne finishes, Automotive or general metals finishes, Coil or container coatings.
This resin is a 78-82% solids in iso-butanol, High viscous liquid.
MELCROSS 25 resin is a high degree methylated melamine formaldehyde crosslinking agent with a high imino  functionality.
And a low methylol content and high imino functionality resin is a very effective crosslinking agent  for  epoxy,  alkyd, polyester or acrylic resins.  Delivers medium solids coatings.

MELCROSS-25 amino resin is a very effective crosslinker for backbone polymers containing hydroxyl, amide and carboxyl functional groups, such as epoxy, alkyd/polyester or acrylic resins.   Partially soluble in water and has an excellent compatibility with water soluble polymers.   Suitable for coil coating and industrial paint of baking enamels, providing less weight loss during the baking process.   Fast cure response, Higher resistance properties,  No strong acid catalyst required.
MELCROSS 25 resin is suitable for a wide range of industrial stoving systems, providing less weight loss during the backing process in comparison with the partially methylated melamine crosslinking agents.  This makes MELCROSS-25 resin suitable for medium solids coating formulations.
This resin also provides fast cure response, higher resistance properties, and no strong acid catalyst required in the normal baking enamel systems.
Formulated systems containing MELCROSS-25 resin have to be stabilized with primary alcohols, amins or with a combination of these materials.
Acid catalyzed coatings may be cured as low as 110-150°C for 20-30 minutes.

Typical properties
       Appearance                                                                            Clear, viscous liquid

       Non-volatile                                  Wt.%                                 78-82

       Color, Gardner 1963                                                              1 Max.

       Viscosity, Cone/Plate                  cps                                     2270-9800

       Specific gravity                             25°C                                  1.2

       Flash point                                   °C                                       37

       Free formaldehyde                     %                                        0.7

       Slovent                                                                                     Isobutanol

Coil coatings.
Industrial baking enamels.
Less weight loss during the baking process.
Suitable for medium solids coating formulations.


- General

  Attention must be paid to the normal precautions for handling chemicals and to the measures prescript in the local health regulations.  The work place must be well ventilated, skin care measures should be adapted and safety google should be worn.

- Safety data sheet
  P&ID Co.,LTD shall provide MSDS associated with MELCROSS-25  as your request.  MSDS of MELCROSS-25


IIf MELCROSS-25 is kept in tightly closed drums or in storage tanks in the cool place, its shelf life is 12 months.


This information is given without any warranty or representation. We do not assume any legal responsibility for same, nor do we give permission, inducement, or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.   It is offered solely for our consideration, investigation and verification.  Before using any product, read its label.

※ Suggested formulation of Non-pigmented enamel.
       Alkyd resin (caster, short)     35.5  (NV=70, AV=12, VIS=2300cps, G#Color=5)
       Epoxy #828                             34.7
       BYK-161                                   1
       BYK-358                                   0.5
       BYK-306                                   0.2
       Isobutanol                               5.9
       Xylene                                      9.8
       Epoxy Ester(#011, 75%)        4.7
       Para toluene sulfonic acid    0.8
       MELCROSS-25                         7
                   Total                             100.1

Vehicle solids                        74%
Stoving schedule                  25minutes at 142°C
Substrate                               0.8T STEEL
Coating method                   SPRAY
Thinner                           .      Xylene/Isobutanol

Dried film thickness            40m
Cross cut (100/100)             Excellent
Hardness                      .       2H
MEK Rubbing                       STD
Drawing                          .    Excellent

Other chemical resistance properties are very good.

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