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Commercial Name



High Methylol type Resin

MELCROSS 21 is a high methylol type methylated melamine-formaldehyde resin for water soluble and general purpose enamels of industrial paints and coil coatings.

MELCROSS-21 is designed as good crosslinker for most polymers which contained hydroxyl and amide groups.  But there is a little limit on carboxyl groups.  High methylol group derives good reactivity and water soluble properties for the coating formulations.This resin is reduced in isobutanol and can be utilized as crosslinking agents for both solvent and water based coatings.


MELCROSS-21 crosslinking agent is a commercial grade of methylated melamine-formaldehyde resin with a high methylol  functionality content  and insolved in the isobutanol solvent. The advantages of MELCROSS-21 are rapid cure,  higher solids enamels,  gloss and gloss retention,  good stability, chemical resistance in coating areas.

This resin requires only weak acid catalyst for cure at normal baking schedules.   Used in both aqueous and solvent-born coatings due to excellent balance between compatibility and cure response.  Showing a high tendency towards self condensation . To control the stability, you can use tertiary amins for neutralisation and PH adjustment. A low acid number in an alkyd or acrylic resin is sufficient. The cure reaction can be additionally catalyzed with weak organic or inorganic acids such as maleic, citric, phosphoric, or alkyl phosphoric acids, low levels of para toluene sulfonic acid catalyst.
Acid catalyzed coatings may be cured as low as 100°C.

MELCROSS-21 cure similary to butylated melamine resins.
They also have a tendency to self-condense.  Higher film hardness may be easily obtained by raising the level of amino crosslinking agent.

Typical properties
      Appearance                                                                            Clear, viscous liquid

       Non-volatile                                  Wt.%                                 78-82

       Solvent                                                                                     Isobutano

       Color, Gardner1963                                                               Max. 1

       Viscosity, Cone/Plate                  cps                                     2300-9800

       Specific gravity                             25°C                                  1.16

       Flash point, Closed cup              °F                                       115

       Methylol content                                                                    Hith

       Free formaldehyde                     Wt.%                                  Max. 3.5 

Water soluble enamel with water soluble anionic polymers.
General industrial baking enamels.
Coil coating.
Varnish for wood. 


- General

  Attention must be paid to the normal precautions for handling chemicals and to the measures prescript in the local health regulations.  The work place must be well ventilated, skin care measures should be adapted and safety google should be worn. 

- Safety data sheet

  P&ID Co.,LTD shall provide MSDS associated with MELCROSS -21  as your request. MSDS of MELCROSS-21


If MELCROSS-21 is kept in tightly closed drums or in storage tanks in the cool place, its shelf life is 12 months.


This information is given without any warranty or representation. We do not assume any legal responsibility for same, nor do we give permission, inducement, or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.   It is offered solely for our consideration, investigation and verification.  Before using any product, read its label.

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