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Commercial Name



Mixed ether type resin

MELCROSS 11 is designed as a Mixed methyl-butyl type with approximately 75:25 ratio of methoxy and butoxy functionality.

MELCROSS-11 is designed as a Mixed methyl-butyl type with approximately 75:25 ratio of methoxy and butoxy functionality.  It is a versatile crosslinking agent for a wide range of polymeric materials, both organo-soluble and water-borne.

More fully alkylated coetherified resin, resulting in very low molecular weight and low viscosity at 98%up solids.   Designed for low VOC, high solids coatings. 
The highly monomeric nature plus low tendency for self-condensation contribute to excellent flexibility.   Butoxy groups provide for good adhesion, flow, and leveling.  Very low free formaldehyde, the balance of monomeric /oligomeric species in MELCROSS-11 contributes to the cure response of high solids coatings, especially at reduced temperatures. So, you can get both benefit from the property of methylation and butylation by this resin in one formulation.

MELCROSS-11 is soluble in most commonly used organic solvent but solubility in water is limited-when blended with most other water- reduciable resins, tolerates dilution in water.

The polymeric materials would include alkyds, polyesters, acrylic, epoxy, urethane, and cellulosics.

The presence of butoxy functionality in this crosslinker contributes hydrolytic stability to coating formulations, and results in good salt-spray resistance, improved flow, leveling and cratering resistance in coating formulations, plus better intercoat adhesion.

The polymeric materials should contain either hydroxyl or amide groups.   The reaction of MELCROSS-11 with hydroxyl, carboxyl and amide functionalities on other polymers is typically catalyzed with strong acid because of its high extent of alkylation.  It should be added just prior to use to prevent pot life instability.

Typical properties
       Appearance                                                                            Clear, viscous liquid

       Non-volatile                                  Wt.%                                 98min.

       Color, Gardner1963                                                               Max. 1

       Viscosity, Cone/Plate                  cps                                     900-2300

       Specific gravity                             25°C                                  1.2

       Flash point, Closed cup              °F                                       150

       Free formaldehyde                     Wt.%                                  Max. 0.5 

Water- borne and solvent free general industrial baking enamels.
Automotive baking enamels.
Useful uses in Automotive Finishes. MELLCROSS-11 is useful for baking enamel of car coatings.
The two major types of finishes on automobiles are the forced-dried nitrocellulose lacquer finishes and the baking alkyd-amino resin finishes.  Although the lacquer finishes are only forced ?dried at temperatures as low as 70-82°C for about 1 hour, it appears that a small percentage of melamine resin improves the waterspot resistance and gloss retention of such finishes.
The alkyd-amino type finishes are baked from 30 to 45 min. at 135-150°C.  The fast- drying, medium oil type alkyds are used with amino resins.  If the alkyds are used alone, a small amount of metallic drier is usually added to reduce the baking time, but if the coating is applied a little more heavily than usual, it will wrinkle badly when it is baked.
This then requires an expensive clean-off and refinishing operation.
In general, amino resins will prevent the wrinkling when used in amounts as low as 10% of the total resin content.
Urea resins were utilized for this purpose before melamine resins became available; but, where cost will permit, the melamine resins are preferred because of their superior durability.
The amino resin also increases the surface hardness so that the finish is considerably more resistant to scratching and surface marring than a straight alkyd resin finish. 


- General

  Attention must be paid to the normal precautions for handling chemicals and to the measures prescript in the local health regulations.  The work place must be well ventilated, skin care measures should be adapted and safety google should be worn.

- Safety data sheet

  P&ID Co.,LTD shall provide MSDS associated with MELCROSS -11  as your request.  MSDS of MELCROSS-11


If MELCROSS-11 is kept in tightly closed drums or in storage tanks in the cool place, its shelf life is 12 months.


This information is given without any warranty or representation. We do not assume any legal responsibility for same, nor do we give permission, inducement, or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.   It is offered solely for our consideration, investigation and verification.  Before using any product, read its label.

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