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우수한 당사 기술진의 화학공장 경력과 기술력을 바탕으로 고급 공정기술과 노하우를 국내외 화학회사에 제공하면서 설비제작,  시공을 겸하는 기술력위주의 화공기술 사업 추진.

  • 용제 회수 시설

  • 열 교환기 설계

  • 특수 화학 설비 설계

  • 각종 정제 시설

  • 정밀화학 반응 시스템

폴리아세탈 (POM)

POM공장 전경.jpg
  • CAS No. 24969-26-4 (공중합체)

  • 원료 : Formaldehyde (45~55% concentration) , and Ethylene oxide

  • 제품 : Copolymer of Polyacetal (Polyoxymethylene/POM, Acetal Resin)

  • Typical Grade G7, G27, G45

  • P&ID의 제조 공정

Liquid reaction and production of co-polymers of Polyacetal through processing of Trioxane process (gas-liquid extraction) and polymerization process (continuous bulk polymerization) composing of the formalin concentration unit, monomer (Trioxane/TOX) unit, co-monomer unit, polymerization unit (continuous bulk polymerization), stabilization unit, formalin recovery process, and packing and storing unit.

메틸이소부틸케톤 (MIBK)

  • CAS No. 108-10-1

  • 원료 : Hydrogen (98 vol%), Acetone (99.5%)

  • 제품 : MIBK ((CH₃)₂CHCH₂COCH₃, Min. 99.1%) and DiBK (2,6-Dimehyl-4-heptanone : By-Product)

  • P&ID의 제조 공정

MIBK is produced from liquid acetone (Dimethyl Ketone) and gaseous hydrogen by contacting with a catalyst, strong acid cation exchange resin loaded with 0.7wt% palladium, through main system of Reaction, C6 Removal, Acetone Recovery, MIBK Separation, MIBK Concentration, DiBK Concentration.

Proposed Plant Capacity : 15,000 MTPA


과산화 수소 (H2O2)

  • CAS No. 7722-84-1

  • 원료 : Hydrogen(99.9%), Air, Anthraquinone, Solvents, Pd catalyst

  • 제품 : Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

             Industrial grade and food grade of  27.5/35/50/60 wt%

  • P&ID의 제조 공정

P&ID technology is one of the highly effective AO process in the world based on EAQ as the reaction carrier (working material). The major strengths and characteristics of main process step are fluidized hydrogenation, counter-current oxidation, effective extraction based on special internals, simple organic purification, safe concentration and easy regeneration without K2CO3 treatment Multiple consideration for safe operation and monitoring. No special option for procurement and raw material supply to be requested by licensor

Proposed Plant Capacity : 10,000 MTPA to 75,000 MTPA

포름알데하이드 (Formalin)

  • CAS No. 50-00-0

  • 원료: Methanol

  • 제품 : Formaldehyde (HCHO, 37 wt%)

Formalin (Aqueous solution) : 37%, 44%, 50% inhibited (with varying percentages of methanol) or stabilized or un-stabilized (methane-free) products.

  • P&ID의 제조 공정

Dehydrogenation and oxidation of synthetic methanol. Silver (copper, iron-molybdenum oxide) catalyst shall be introduced. High yield and selectivity, low utility consumption, and compact design and low investment cost.
Proposed Plant Capacity : 15,000 MTPY to 60,000 MTPY


감열 염료 (감열지 코팅용)

  • CAS No. 59331-94-2

  • 원료 : m-Cresol, m-Aminophenol

  • 제품 : Color Former

  • P&ID의 제조 공정

당사는 거의 대부분의 공정을 용제(Solvent)를 사용하지 않는 무용제시스템으로 공정이 구성되어 있으며, 반응 수율 또한 타의 추종을 불허할 정도로 경쟁력을 갖추고 있습니다.

품질은 이미 전세계 유수의 감열지 제조 공장에서 품질 인증을 받아 널리 사용되고 있습니다.

  • Proposed Plant Capacity : 1,000 MTPY

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