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公司主要从事研发化工技术,专门搞化工技术转让。 本公司现已拥有多种新的化工工艺技术。

  • 设计特种化工设备

  • 溶济回收系统,装置

  • 设计精制化学品单元系统

  • 设计精细化工单元系统

聚甲醛 (POM)

POM공장 전경.jpg
  • CAS No. 24969-26-4 (共聚)

  • 聚甲醛 (英文:POM=Polyoxymethylene,  polyformaldehyde), 聚甲醛树脂,又名缩醛树脂(acetal resin), 聚氧亚甲基(polyoxymethylenes)。

甲基异丁基酮 (MIBK)

  • CAS No. 108-10-1

  • 原料: 氢气 (98 vol%), 丙酮(99.5%)

  • (CH₃)₂CHCH₂COCH₃

  • 副产品: 二异丁基酮(DIBK, 2,6-Dimehyl-4-heptanone)


双氧水 (H2O2)

  • CAS No. 7722-84-1

  • 原料 : Hydrogen(99.9%), Air, Anthraquinone, Solvents, Pd catalyst

  • 产品 : Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

        Industrial grade and food grade of  27.5/35/50/60 wt%

  • P&ID的制造过程

P&ID technology is one of the highly effective AO process in the world based on EAQ as the reaction carrier (working material). The major strengths and characteristics of main process step are fluidized hydrogenation, counter-current oxidation, effective extraction based on special internals, simple organic purification, safe concentration and easy regeneration without K2CO3 treatment Multiple consideration for safe operation and monitoring. No special option for procurement and raw material supply to be requested by licensor

Proposed Plant Capacity : 10,000 MTPA to 75,000 MTPA

甲醛 (Formalin)

  • CAS No. 50-00-0

  • 原料: Methanol

  • 产品 : Formaldehyde (HCHO, 37 wt%)

Formalin (Aqueous solution) : 37%, 44%, 50% inhibited (with varying percentages of methanol) or stabilized or un-stabilized (methane-free) products.

  • P&ID的制造过程

Dehydrogenation and oxidation of synthetic methanol. Silver (copper, iron-molybdenum oxide) catalyst shall be introduced. High yield and selectivity, low utility consumption, and compact design and low investment cost.
Proposed Plant Capacity : 15,000 MTPY to 60,000 MTPY


热敏染料 (热敏纸涂抹用)

  • CAS No. 59331-94-2

  • 英文 : Color Former, ODB

  • 原料 : m-Cresol, m-Aminophenol

241 Daegongwon-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, 44667 Korea


TEL : +82-52-223-2102 (rep.)  

FAX : +82-52-277-2102



TEL : +86-21-504-5048-0608  

FAX : +86-21-5048-1456

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